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Bettye's Birthday in Lake Wylie SC and Blowing Rock NC 2007
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From: Bob Wirt
To: Friends and Family
Date: August 11, 2007 4:26:22 AM EDT
Subject: Bettye's Clear CT Scan and Birthday in the NC Mountains

To Our Friends and Family:

We saw Doctor Simon at H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa on July 25th, the day after Bettye's infusion port removal - which she referred to as a leap of faith as it was taken the day before she would learn the CT result. The port had been in place for well over three years and she is apparently no longer a candidate for chemotherapy so long as her remission continues. The port had become uncomfortable, having been implanted in her vein as long as it was, and the doctors agreed it should come out to avoid future problems. The CT scan was perfect, according to Dr Simon, so we turned north to Lake Wylie in the Carolinas for her week-long celebration of wellness with her family.

Three months of relief always turn into a week or so of tension as we gear up to make the trip to Moffitt for her quarterly scan. Good news always buoys her and a poor result sends us back to Fort Lauderdale licking our wounds. It's a real roller coaster, but we are blessed with her longevity and continuing excellent care provided by the good folks at Moffitt. Thanks, as well, to the beneficial effects of
Tarceva ® and Bettye's own meditations and visualizations, which she feels strongly help her body to accept the treatments both spiritually and metabolically.

Bettye spent some time on the road corresponding with a girl in Arizona whose father in India is receiving gemcitabine and carboplatin, to be followed with Tarceva
® for his own adenocarcinoma lung cancer. She had been reading Bettye's WebLog and was comforted by Bettye's success in treatment for a case as close as it is to her father's own, and was also pleased to see he was receiving the same drug regimen from his doctors in India. It pleases me, also, that Bettye takes the care and consideration that she does in responding to other patients and caregivers, and that she in turn receives some gratification and comfort from having provided hope and guidance to others in her situation. Bettye is a very spiritual person and people do seem to respond strongly to her counsel.

Bettye enjoyed her ten-day vacation from
Tarceva ®, necessitated by antibiotic therapy for an eye infection, and is now back on her regular 50mg/day. She seems to be tolerating the effects much better than before at the higher dosages of 75-150mg, and is faithful in her 6AM daily meds ritual for what has turned out to be lifesaving maintenance from Genentech's Tarceva ®.

We spent Bettye's birthday weekend in Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains. It's a place we both love, and she found herself a couple of nice birthday presents. With our method: she gets to shop; I present the plastic; and there are no returns... Enjoyable for us both because she gets just what she wants and there's no guesswork on my part. There was plenty to pick from at Tanger Shoppes on the Parkway, conveniently located between our cabin and downtown. A new coffee mug from Bob Timberlake's Gallery; ice cream at Kilwin's on Main Street; and a pleasant walk through the downtown shops capped our day Saturday before retiring to our cabin suite nestled up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A fantastic Sunday morning breakfast at the Dan'l Boone Inn in Boone NC was so incredible that we drove the twenty miles back up to Boone Sunday night for their equally gratifying family style dinner. The best country cooking I've had since they closed Aunt Fanny's Cabin in Atlanta a couple of decades back - except, of course, for sister-in-law Margaret's southern country-kitchen magic. I always manage to steer the car close enough to The Dan'l Boone when we're in the mountains that we're both overtaken with the irresistible urge to partake, and to hell with our diet - Daniel Boone doesn't serve tofu...

The July temperatures in Blowing Rock and Boone were in the high 60s to 70s and the crisp air was a bracing change from our tropical Fort Lauderdale Beach environment. Both extremes are good, each in their own way...

We turned back to Charlotte where Bettye had a Monday meeting with her sister's Rx providers, then headed for Savannah for our regular half-way stopover at The River Street Inn. Massive container ships floating by all night, looming over us like ghosts in the silence, they always seem to be close enough to reach out and touch. Breakfast downstairs of coffee and beignets with praline sauce at Huey's on the riverfront, then on to Fort Lauderdale the last day of July. Back to work...

Happy Birthday Bettye - click here for Bettye's WebLog

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